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                                                             Mission Statement

I've created this website/ page/ Youtube channel for two reasons. 1. to encourage people to cook for themselves and, 2. To provide a facebook page, website and, YouTube channel to be more of an inspirational, instructional site for not only the young but the not so young as well. Rather than just another collection of recipes, a back to basics, style of  classical home cooking and cuisine, in an informative as well as entertaining format for the novice learning to cook for themselves, as well as the experienced empty nest-er or retired couple wanting to, “bring it” in the kitchen. Not to mention the plug for my personal chef catering service. Yes, I'll post recipes and, personal projects and hopefully some crazy friends projects as well. That's part of the entertainment my friends.

“If you eat well, you'll live large. So,... Eat well my friends.”

Chef Tim


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