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Badass Noodles with Broth

As a Chef, I'm frequently asked, “What's your specialty?” Well,.. I've never been one to specialize in one form of cuisine or another. I do however, often get (for lack of a better word) typecast. Most often, as a line cook. Which is understandable since, even at the age of 59, I can still hold my own on a rockin' busy restaurant line. Occasionally a Banquet Chef. 'Cause I got that. Some have referred to me as a Pastry Chef or Baker. 'Cause I got that. Many know me for my Southwest or Mexican cuisine. 'Cause I got that too! Some know me as a Chef instructor and, still others know me as a friend who is “The Bomb Dot Com” when it comes to cooking something interesting and yummy. It all depends on what the venue has to offer in the way of facilities, the occasion and amount of personal input and time I'm allowed.

In the 1980's I was big on Chinese and Asian cuisine. I can't remember exactly when it was or why I did it but, a long time ago I chose to delete the pineapple from sweet and sour add honey and crushed red pepper to make a sweet and spicy glaze. Which I promptly made into a bastardized version of General Tso's chicken that is to this day, under the guise of Sweet-n-Spicy Stir Fry is, one of the most popular specials that I run in whatever restaurant I happen to be working at.

Most recently I've been playing with Asian noodles and broth, and have come up with a very tasty rendition without having to go out and buy a million dollars worth of specialty ingredients.

Check it out.

INGREDIENTS: (yield - 2 entree servings)

2 boneless skinless chicken legs and thighs

4 bundles of rice noodles

1 Tblsp. coconut oil

3 Tblsp. chili garlic sauce

4 Cup chicken stock

3/4 Cup coconut milk

3 shitake mushroom caps

3 Tblsp soy sauce

Scallion and cilantro for garnish

Toasted sesame oil and chili sesame oil for the drizzlage.


I started out with chicken stock, Vietnamese chili garlic sauce and (frozen) coconut milk.

A store bought version of chicken broth will work just as well I assume but, I used some home canned stock. I don't cook with coconut milk frequently enough to keep it fresh in the refrigerator so I freeze it in an ice cube tray. One can of coconut milk will fill a standard ice cube tray with about 4 ounces or ½ cup left over. Once frozen I run warm water down the back of the tray and they drop right out. I then put the cubes into a freezer bag and throw 'em back into the freezer till I need some in a recipe.

Bean Thread rice noodles. Rice sticks also work well but, I prefer the bean thread. A couple of shitake mushrooms, a couple fresh scallions, a little cilantro and some soy sauce. Also, I finished the dish with a drizzle of toasted sesame oil and some hot chili sesame oil.

I sauteed the chili garlic sauce with some coconut oil for about 1 minute.

Then I de-glazed with the chicken stock and added the coconut milk.

I added the soy sauce towards the end of the reduction. My chicken stock is almost 100% fat free and definitly 100% sodium free. One reason for the amount of soy sauce added to it. You'll want to make adjustments depending on how much salt you prefer.I reduced the stock and coconut milk by half. I ended up with just a little under 2 and ½ cups of broth.

It took about an hour at a reasonable boil to reduce by half.

Each package of rice noodles contains 3 bundles of noodles and claims to serve 2. I found this to be a little lite on the portion size so I use 4 bundles for 2 portions. I cooked the noodles according to the directions on the package. For those of you who are not familiar with rice noodles this is what they look like after they're cooked.

A couple days prior to assembling this dish I had marinated the boneless chicken thighs and legs in a Teriyaki marinade.

½ Cup soy sauce

¼ Cup oil

¼ Cup brown sugar

½ Cup orange juice

3 clove garlic sliced

1 lobe sliced ginger

I grilled and chilled the legs and thighs a couple hours ahead of time. Shortly before assembling I julienne the chicken, sauteed the shitakes, cut the scallions and ruff chopped the cilantro.

For assembly I drained the noodles and layered noodles first then the chicken, then mushrooms,

Don't worry about the chicken and mushrooms being cold. The noodles and broth which is at a rolling boil will heat everything thoroughly.

Divide the broth evenly between your noodles, then top with the scallion and cilantro, drizzle a little sesame oil and chili oil over top and SHAZAM BIOTCHES!

Okay. Maybe I'm a little bias but,... I don't think so. This was BADASS! And the flavor! OMG! The flavor!

A little spicy. Not so spicy that you'll sweat but you may want a tissue handy for the runny nose.

Remember that in Asian culture it's not considered bad form or manners to SLURP your noodles.

Well, I hope you try this recipe. It's quite easy and, It is very good. And if you're here but havent checked out my facebook page yet feel free to do so and show me some love by liking my page at,..

Until next time, Eat well and live large.

Yours truly,

Chef Tim

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