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King Arthur English Muffin Review

I am not a paid blogger. I'm not selling anything or encouraging anyone to buy anything. I am in no way a paid employee for King Arthur or any other brand of flour. I'm not an amateur reviewer. Nor am I any kind of critic. I don't work in a sterile, soul sucking laboratory test kitchen and I'm not a Chef/ TV personality. I'm a geezer Chef who prefers hangin' out in his own kitchen listening to Dylan,Waits and Cash, and trying different stuff with food over talking to idiots and dealing with morons.

For the past couple weeks a post for King Arthur Flour English muffin recipe has been haunting my facebook news feed. So I thought I'd give it a try

I made two batches of dough. One original, and I thought I'd try one gluten free ('Cause I'm a rebel like that) for the missus. I measured all the ingredients out according to the recipe using a 1 to 1 ratio gluten free flour for the gluten free loaf. Forgive me My lord, I did not use “The King's” gluten free flour. I used what I had on hand. Next time Your Highness.

The gluten free recipe is on the left. And will appear on the left for the duration of this blog.

The first noticeable difference was the consistency of the dough. I added an additional ¼ cup of water to the gluten free dough.

Another noticeable difference was in proofing the dough. The gluten free didn't rise as well as the original loaf. I moved it closer to the oven and gave it an additional 25 minutes and it still didn't crown.

During baking there was a HUGE difference. The gluten free not only did not rise as well or as much, I think it even collapsed some. Also, it wasn't browning so I quickly brushed the top with a little milk and gave it another 10 minutes in the oven. It still came out on the blonde side.

In a side by side tasting both are quite good. The original recipe loaf is everything King Arthur says it is. Probably why Arthur is King. On the other hand, my rebel gluten free recipe, while texture and taste of the center of the bread are almost identical to the King's original recipe it was somewhat more dense and the crust was a bit,... crunchier. Two qualities I find are characteristic of many gluten free baked goods and, especially breads. So it probably turned out perfect Hahahaa! As for the blonde appearance of the loaf. A brushing of the top with beaten egg or egg white just before it goes into the oven will give you a more attractive loaf.

All in all. A very easy and delicious recipe and paired well with 14 chili raspberry jam and a cappuccino. I'll make it again, I'll even experiment with the gluten free version. Live large and eat well my friends.

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