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Bolognese Sauce.

Typically, not to mention "classically" speaking 'Bolognese is basically a meat sauce with carrots and cream. You don't have to check with an Italian. I'll admit it, I've totally Bastardized this sauce. But I like it this way. You may not and that's okay. You make it the way you want to.

I start with

1 pound hot Italian sausage

8 oz. julienne carrot

4 cups pre-made marinara (see 'PASTA II')

2 cups heavy cream

I was cooking the sausage while I julienne the carrot with the help of a mandoline.

Once the sausage was half way cooked and some of the fat had rendered I added the carrots. I want them to still have some tooth when the sauce was complete.

After a good stir of the sausage and carrots I added 4 cups Marinara and 2 cups heavy cream.

Bring it up to temp and simmer for a minute or two and SERVE! It looks light brown in the photo but it's really a lovely pink in person.

Bolognese sauce requires a fairly hearty pasta to stand up to it. Frequently served with Rigatoni and penne or broad noodle like Fettuccine or Papardelle. I'm using the tomato and spinach penne that I made earlier (see PASTA.)

After straining and draining the pasta toss it with some of the sauce.

Butter up a couple pieces of Italian bread and mangia tutti & vivere in grande!

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