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Anniversary Dinner

I had the honor of being a Personal Chef and serving a dinner for the 16th wedding anniversary of a couple of friends last evening as a gift from the Missus, to the Mister. Being huge fans of my Mexican cuisine, the Missus requested chiles relleno, chicken tacos, beans and rice. Well, if you're going to pay me to come to your house and prepare dinner for you I'm going to give you your moneys worth.

When I go to someone else's kitchen to cook I always try to think of every possible thing that I might need, that most people don't have. So, the night before, I fried up some corn tortillas into chips and toastadas. Shredded and blended the cheeses, soaked the beans, made some salsas and prepared my mise en place (French culinary phrase which means "putting in place", as in set up.)

Enough about me. This is was the dinner.

I Started them off with a margarita, chips and salsa.

A few Nachos.

A Chile Relleno for each.

Missus prefers to eat vegetarian so she had the black bean burrito.

Mister is an omnivore. He had the chicken tacos.

When all was said and done the couple were pretty full. So, I made them a nice light dessert.

Fresh, homegrown raspberries with fresh whipped cream.

If you have any questions or would like recipes for any of the dishes feel free to comment and request. For more information about my Personal Chef Services click on the "Moonlighting" tab at the top of this page

Eat well and live large my friends.

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