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Cold Smoked Salmon (part two) "The Smokening"

No fancy stand alone smoker for me. I'm using the ol' faithful Weber Pot. well that and what's called an EZ Smoker tube.

So, what you do is fill that bad boy with specially designed wood pellets and set it on fire with either a torch or a heat gun and let the flame die out and it'll smolder and put out smoke for anywhere's between 4 and 6 hours.

Enter one side of cured salmon (see previous post, gravelax). I rinsed all the remaining spice and herb off and patted it dry with a clean towel.

After lighting the smoker tube I put it in one of the briquette baskets and the salmon off to the side.

Not really too awful much to look at for the next three (3) hours while it smokes.

But, after the three hours the Gravelax became Smoked Salmon! You can't really see it in the photo but, it has whats called a nice pellicle or (thin skin) which is desirable.

After vacuum sealing I noticed the difference between the amount of smoke picked up between today's smoke and the one I did a week ago. I chalk it up to having the vents on the Weber pot set differently.... Interesting.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little journey in Charcuterie and Garde Manger. Until we meat again. Happy Smoking!

Live large and eat well!

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