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Operation 500 Cupcakes

My Friend Amber agreed to make 500 cupcakes from scratch, for a benefit for someone and all was going well. Keep in mind that this young lady has a full time job, is attending college and tries to make a few extra bucks making baked goods. She had the supplies to make them with. She had most of the equipment to make them with but, being a young mother of two adorable little girls she just didn't have enough hands to make them. That's where friends and family come in.

Three nights of hard work for her and, it was the first night she mentioned me in a facebook comment that she needed more kitchen aides. I laughed and replied, "The mixer or people?" "Both." she said. But her brother was helping her so she was good for the night.

We did however make arrangements for me to help the following night.

When I got there, the 250 chocolate cupcakes from the night before were already baked and ready to frost. Amber was busy measuring and mixing the ingredients for the vanilla cupcakes running 2 Kitchen Aid mixers at a time while I scooped the batter into the pans and loaded them into the oven. Let me tell you, There were cupcakes EVERYWHERE! It was cupcake city in her little house. A cupcake landscape, a,.. CUPCAKENADO! Hahaha! I volenteered to help the following evening since I figured she'd be facing a time crunch and, I knew she wouldn't ask for my help two nights in a row.

When all was said and done there were 500 chocolate and vanilla, made from scratch, cupcakes with orange buttercream frosting packed up and ready to deliver with 15 to 20 minutes to spare.

In the end, it was a good time spent with good people doing good things.

Eat well my friends.

Chef Tim

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